Sri Nivasam by Obili

Tirupati – a place where timely and constructive progress has not at all affected the serene landscapes that promise a good life. Obili Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd building luxurious apartments on that promise. Obili transformed several acres of land into world-class residential and commercial projects, in Hyderabad respectively. In appreciation of vision and progress, the company decided to build the future on the center stage of development – Tirupati. This joint venture – Srinivasam Luxurious Apartments – will surely give wings to Tirupati’s growth, and everyone who invests in this project will reach great heights.

The Sri Nivasam Luxurious Apartments constructed after fully exploring Tirupati’s potent industrial sector and delightful sites. The residential project will combine the best of both the worlds. Make it your home or your investment option, as Phase -I is completed book your Plot in Phase -II . Returns are guaranteed. They could be in the form of peace or prosperity, or both.

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Experience Luxury and Divinity

The Sri Nivasam Luxurious Apartments are being built on a single concept – luxury inside and divinity outside. In the process of building affordable luxury, nothing will be compromised. Like always, Obili Infra will deliver the best.

Every square feet of Tirupati is a testimony to its growth potential. Apart from that, this simple town in the south of AP is popular all over the World. Owning a house here means being at the centre of attention. Moreover, if you are planning to upgrade your lifestyle, this is going to be the home for you. A home that has luxurious interiors; a home that has every window and door opening to absolutely divine doors.

Located close to all the transportation facilities
The Tiruchanoor Alivelu Mangapuram Temple is at a walkable distance
The airport (soon to be international airport) is just 9 kms away
The Tirupati railways station is just 5kms away

The Tirupati bus stand is just 4 kms away